Promoting Improved Biomass Stoves in South Africa

Date: 2011 – 2012

Client: World Bank

Location: South Africa

Outcome: Restio Energy was the recipient of a World Bank grant to promote access to improved biomass stoves in South Africa. The grant provided support to Restio Energy in order to develop a sustainable business platform for the distribution of improved cook stoves throughout South Africa.

Supervision Consultant: Kigoma PV Programme

Date: 2012 – 2013

Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation

Location: Tanzania

Outcome: Restio Energy has been contracted to assist with the Supervision of the Kigoma PV programme. The programme is an SSMP-type initiative with a base-load of PV installations at public facilities such as schools, clinics and village markets as well Beach Management Units. The initiative contains a strong household sector focus as well. Restio Energy is to ensure that the Contractor fulfills both the letter and spirit of the contract on behalf of the client.

Terminal Evaluation: Developing Energy Enterprise Programme – East Africa

Date: 2013

Client: Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP)

Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Outcome: The Developing Energy Enterprises Programme – East Africa (DEEP-EA) provides the crucial support needed to enable the development of a sustainable and widespread industry of micro- and small energy enterprises. The evaluation set out to gauge the impact of the European Commission-funded programme and capture essential lessons learned for future implementation.

The Nuon-RAPS Utility: South Africa

Date: 2001-2005
Client: SA Government, Nuon (Dutch Utility)
Location: South Africa
Outcome: Restio Energy assisted significantly in the establishment of Nuon RAPS Utility, a partnership between RAPS Pty Ltd and Nuon (a Dutch Utility company), which is currently operating an off-grid Utility in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. NuRa has been operational since December 2001, and has over 10 000 customers. The utility’s core product is a 50 Wp solar home system, of which the utility intends installing 23 000 over the next 5 years. At the centre of the utility’s operation are energy stores which act as points of sale, technical service centres as well as retailing a range of fuels (especially LPG) and energy related products. Restio Energy provided a range of services to NuRa, including feasibility studies, implementation planning, customer education/marketing, GIS support and technical training.

Project Evaluation: PV electricity

Date: 2006 – 2007
Client: UNDP/GEF
Location: Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania & Botswana.
Outcome: Restio Energy undertook independent evaluations of UNDP/GEF supported renewable energy market enabling activities in Uganda (UPPPRE) (2006), Malawi (BARREM) (2006) and Tanzania (2007). These programmes aim to grow the renewable energy market (in particular PV) through a range of activities, including: demonstration (schools, clinics, and households), capacity building, standards development, establishment of finance mechanisms & facilities and support to sustainable energy associations. Restio Energy has also undertaken a review of UNDP/GEF supported Climate Change Enabling Activities in Botswana (2006).