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A number of non-governmental and aid relief organisations have started to roll out the StoveTec/EcoZoom stoves to their beneficiaries. One such partnership has been with Siyanceda Africa Relief who, through funding from donors and the public, distributed the StoveTec stoves to hundreds of families in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape province as part of their Winter 2011 Project.

In 2011, the Siyanceda team distributed the award-winning stove to those in need by teaming up with various churches and organisations around the Eastern-Cape. In doing so, the EcoZoom stove changed nearly 300 family’s lives by ensuring that they save money with every meal cooked and keeping them warm. The people were amazed that they can cook their meals without having to buy paraffin and delighted that the stove also acts as a heater during the cold, winter months.

With the great success of the project, Siyanceda Africa and Restio Energy yet again made the winter2012  season easier for hundreds of South Africa’s poorest communities by giving them an EcoZoom stove.

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“I use to walk a long distance everyday to collect firewood to cook.  Since I use the stove, I only walk once a week now because the stove uses less wood.” Elderly woman

“This stove is saving me lots of money because I don’t have to buy paraffin any more to cook my food.  Now I have more money to buy smokes.” Elderly man

“I love this new stove, it uses less wood and there is also less smoke.  It cooks my food quicker and it is safe to use.  Even now that I sit here, I’ve put my food on to cook, and I know it will be ready when I get home. ” Elderly woman


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  1. We would like to provide the poor in our communities with your stove. Where do we get hold of some?

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